Impact of 1% Calculator

1 % Have you ever had a conversation with your vegetable vendor to give you 1 kg of vegetable for Rs. 50 instead of Rs. 55. I don't know about you but from childhood I have seen my mother doing this No doubt it's a very good habit & one should bargain as much as possible. During my mba days, loads of stress was laid upon the term “Opportunity Cost” (The best possible alternative that must be given up to engage in an activity). My question is when we can spend so much time to get a 10-100 Rs discount, what happens to us when we buy a financial product. Why don’t we read the financial documents before buying or why we trust so much on person who is selling the product. My point is compare the financial products before buying because you may not realize but in long term even 1 % rate of interest can have a great impact on the final amount. Financial Kundali presents a calculator which calculates how much more you can earn by investing in a financial instrument where you can earn just 1% more. All you need to do is ENTER; Amount you want to Invest, Time Period & Rate of Interest.

% Years


Amount Accumulated After
Years will be

If somehow you manage to earn even 1 % more or say amount is invested at
rate of interest, amount after
years will be

Clearly a profit of